MVS prides itself in the ability to successfully remove large scale vegetation issues with the minimum of fuss and within tight budgets and timeframes.  MVS has excavators which can dismantle and process large trees into sizes which can be then fed through our tracked grinder to provide a finished mulch product.  Roots will be removed and processed in the same operation if required.  If burning is permitted we can heap in neat piles to be burned.  We will salvage timber and mulch waste where it is commercially viable. 

We also have trucks and chippers to compliment this process, stump grinding is also available.

Date Palm Control Program

M.V.S was contracted to assist with the date palm control program when ecognised that not only were the palms destroying the natural environment but they were also impacting on sacred Aboriginal sites in the area. Subsequent studies also indicated that the palms were lowering the water quality and destroying the integrity of the springs.

Dukes Highway Pine Tree Removal

Seaford Rail Extension Tree Removal

Small Excavator and Grapple Loading Bins with Timber