bluegum firewood

M.V.S specialise in harvesting Blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) trees. Trees are harvested in line with state forestry regulations. See photo gallery below.

Wood Description: Heartwood is a light yellowish brown, sometimes with a pinkish tinge. Sapwood is paler, not always distinguishable from heartwood, and up to 50 mm wide. The texture is medium and grain often interlocked, and growth rings are distinct, particularly on end grain.

Wood Density: Density is the amount of space a mass of firewood occupies, the denser the wood the less space a given mass takes up, or the greater a particular volume of firewood weighs. For example sugar gum is about twice as dense as radiata pine, so a cubic metre of sugar gum weighs approximately 1070kg while a cubic metre of pine weights only about 512kg. Blue gum is approxiamtely 927 kg/m3. The figures quoted are air-dry density. Ref: State of Victoria (2004) 'Properties of Firewood', Table 1. Timber properties of Victorian firewood species, (AG1150), PP. 2.

Burning Properties: Available heat is a measure of the heat given off when wood is burnt and is measured in kilojoules per gram of wood. Blue gum relative heat available/unit volume is 83% which compares favourably with river red gum 81% and sugar gum 95%

Our friendly drivers will deliver to your yard.  Orders are taken for 20 tonne truck loads or greater.

Prices are available on order.

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Blue Gum Harvesting