Training-Ongoing Skill and Safe Work Training
M.V.S provides training for staff to ensure they are equipped to perform their tasks efficiently and safely. We encourage our staff to gain C.l.T.B assistance and as a member of the C.C.F take advantage of training offered through Civil Train and others.

For further information please ask us for a copy of M.V.S. Employee Qualification Register.
Continuous Improvement
M.V.S identifies causes for problems found either in goods received or during work practices then takes corrective and preventive action. This enables continuous improvement and prevents recurrence of any anomalies.

For further information please ask us for a copy of M.V.S Procedure 12 Business Improvement and M.V.S Form 57 Business Improvement Log.

Health & Safety
Standard AS/NZS 4801 is used as a guide to the way health and safety issues are controlled in our working environment. Requirements of the South Australian Workers Compensation legislation are met.

Human Resources/Technical Ability
MVS has in its employ, trained and competent staff to carry out work effectively and efficiently. The Managing Director has been managing tree and vegetation businesses since 1998 and has a Diploma of Arboriculture. Our Arboricultural Manager has a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Arboriculture. Our operators are fully ticketed and experienced.

For further information please ask us for a copy of MVS Form 24 Employee Qualification Register.

Industrial Relations
MVS meets its obligations under the FWA and Federal and State Awards. All workers are properly engaged as employees or sub-contractors. Our record of safety is impeccable.